14 Jan

img1In times of pro sustainability and pro human rights movements, volunteer jobs in Brazil are incredible experiences. Through them, it is possible to make the exchange trip even more interesting and with a goal greater than merely knowledge building and learning English in Brazil.

After all, the proposal is pretty special: helping people in need, caring for the wildlife, and holding the flag of environmental preservation which contribute to a better world. The volunteer will take with him good will and hope to the country he wishes to go visit.

Those that engage in this solidary adventure will work on social projects that teach about environmental issues, respect for nature and cultural differences.

There are many projects with several goals:

  • Taking care of sick and abandoned animals
  • Activities to share with disabled children (physical and mental disabilities)
  • Conservation of forest reserves, fauna and flora
  • Promote cultural and educational activities for poor kids and young adults, and other humanitarian actions

By embracing a noble cause, you embark to make a difference around the world and return with one of the most exciting experiences of your life!

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