School Activities

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    “Learn more than just our language.” This phrase accurately conveys our view on language instruction. We believe that immersion in the culture is necessary for the student’s learning experience to be complete.

    Olinda School organizes cultural activities in the cities of Olinda and Recife. We visit open-air markets, restaurants, museums, bookstores, churches, soccer matches and more. We also hold events during the week in our school on topics such as Brazilian culture, dance, cinema, and capoeira. We organize weekend excursions and beach outings. Some of the beaches voted the best in Brazil are nearby.

    We have the perfect location in Olinda , the student is within walking distance of everything they might need day or night. A short 10 minute drive and we are in the heart of Recife , the 5th largest city in Brazil.  Recife provides students with everything you would expect from a big city.

    Our aim at Olinda School is to provide every student with an experience that exceeds their expectations.

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