Olinda is a city within a city. When coming from Recife , the 5th largest city in Brazil , you know exactly when you have arrived in Olinda because the landscape changes. Its colorful buildings and cobbled hilly streets combined with its vibrant atmosphere is immediately apparent. It truly is a city within a city.

Its an cultural, artistic place to live and play.
All year round Olinda hosts festivals which vary from forró, reggae, samba, & maracatu to poetry and outdoor lectures with speakers invited from various countries.

You cannot talk about Olinda without mentioning Carnaval. Its the best free party in the world. Approximately 500,000 people come and join in so it must be good. Our school joins one Bloco every year. The Sambadeiras.

There is a story about the origin of how the city of Olinda was named. When the Portuguese aristocrat Duarte Coelho first saw the site of Olinda he said ” oh Linda situaçao para construir uma vila” (Oh what a beautiful place to build a town) so the name Olinda was struck. Its a nice story.