Preparation for “Celpe-Bras” Exam

Preparation for “Celpe-Bras” Exam: This course is exclusively given to prepare students for the “Celpe-Bras” exam (The Certificate of Proficiency in the Portuguese Language for Foreigners), a certification that is given to foreigners who perform well on the exam developed by the Ministry of Education. The student will have classes every afternoon.  Classes will be private, and will contain 2 50-minute lessons. In total, the student will have 10 classes per week.  This course aims to prepare students by administering activities developed according to the methodology of the exam itself.

The “Celpe-Bras” is accepted internationally by firms and institutions of higher education as proof of competency in Portuguese, and in Brazil, is required by universities for entrance in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

This exam is given in Brazil and other countries with the support of the Minister for Foreign Relations. Here in Pernambuco, the exam is administered at UFPE—Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Enrollment in this course does not qualify students to participate in the Celpe-Bras exam, and before you enroll here, you should note exam information and requirements, such as the payment of fees. We can help you with your registration.