14 Jan

4There was a high demand for alternative lodgings for foreigner travelers who visited Brazil during the World Cup. According to research by the Lodging Service (IBGE), the data collected by the Ministry of Tourism showed that the hostels, camping and rental properties were the basis for 23.8% of international tourists who were in the country.

Three reasons explain the high demand by the foreigners for the alternative ways: the attempt to approach the local culture, the cost was less prohibited, and the accessibility of these types of lodging in the Cup host cities.

There were 3,491 beds used in pensions (bed and breakfast), 3,804 in hostels, 22,478 in homes for rent, and 29,940 in motels. If you were to consider the offers and sales of nearby towns, we could add 59,713 more beds to the host spot of the event.

“Our job is to stimulate the market and offer proper lodings to different demands of tourists”, according to the Tourism Minister, Vinicius Lages, “This is a way to diversify the offers and meet the needs of all types of travelers”.

The general preference during the event, however, were the hotels, flats and inns -more than half of them (53,9%) chose the traditional lodgings. The growing trend of alternative ways increase every year though: for the 5,67 million foreigners who were in our country in 2012, almost the half (44,2%) chose alternative lodgings during their time here. The hostels and camps (4,9%) had hosted 278,1 thousand foreigners, rental houses (11,9%) hosted 675,4 thousand, and 1,58 million visitors stayed in the homes of relatives and friends.

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